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STR8consulting is a highly motivated strategic management consulting company founded in 2011 by Chi Che Yuen in Hannover, Germany.

Since the World Exposition 2000 in Hannover, the founder Chi Che Yuen successfully works as management consultant and director of international projects especially on the European and Chinese market.


STR8consulting advises and supports companies of all sizes on their international projects and is specially focused on projects on the Chinese market.


As a privately owned, independent consultancy, STR8consulting uses its excellent network in Europe and China and its broad bunch of experience with international clients as well as its special knowledge of the Chinese market, to provide you with ideas and strategies at least a step ahead your competitors.


STR8consulting accompanies and supports your professional and personal projects from planning to implementation in Germany, Europe and China.  


For your individual projects, STR8consulting composes teams as needed with its own experts and/or external specialists to achieve optimal and measurable results for you and your company.


Please let us know what we can do for you!



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